Online Business Success: 5 Books You Should Read I

1. Crush It!: by Gary Veynerchuk


This is an amazing book; it is hard to believe that a simple, smart-mouthed, 30-something guy could have achieved so much – with a daily video show on wine? Well, Gary Vaynerchuk has endeared himself to millions through his Wine Library TV, his keynote speeches, and his best-selling business book, “Crush It!” In it, he shares the secrets of his success, including:


1. Find your passion. Find the one thing you adore above all else and go for it with all your heart. If you look for the “money” niche, you’ll burn out and give up before you succeed. Or you’ll succeed and hate what you’re doing.

2. Be willing to hustle. Vaynerchuk credits his willingness to do whatever it took to get ahead – including hosting his show five days a week, without fail, for over a year. Don’t just do something once – do it over and over and over again until people start to notice.

3. Be who you are. Not everyone warms to Vaynerchuk’s in-your-face style, but those who do adore him. He recommends not even trying to please everyone, and instead doing what you do best.

4. Build the audience and the money will find you. Vaynerchuk swears that he didn’t try to monetize his rabid and ever-growing audience. Instead, the offers came to him. He thinks anyone can do the same. This is really important no matter the niche you are working with. And if you are an author, it is doubly important.


In sum, “Crush It!” recommends finding a niche you love, working your rear off, introducing folks to the real you, and working hard until your audience grows to the point where they just can’t get enough of you. This book is a perfect read if you’re looking for inspiration to begin – or continue – your journey.


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2. Tribes: by Seth Godin


If you are an online businessperson and you have not yet been introduced to Seth Godin run, do not walk, to your nearest bookstore and get a copy of “Tribes” (then download a free copy of the companion ebook from Seth’s blog here). This book has served as part manifesto, part bible, to a generation of internet-based entrepreneurs.

Godin’s thesis in “Tribes,” like most of his work, is extremely simple: There are people out there looking for leaders. If you can become a leader with vision and passion, you can find a tribe of people to lead.


While this may seem commonsensical, Godin goes beyond the obvious. Not only does he explain how to find and lead your tribe, he also tells readers they have an almost moral obligation to lead if they are called to do so. If you have an idea and a passion, you need to find the tribe that’s looking for you because they’re lost without you.


Godin’s words would have seemed absurd only a decade or two ago. How would someone, for example, with a passion for making clothes for potbellied pigs ever find enough of an audience to make a go of a business? But with the reach of the internet, the lack of barriers to entry for online businesses, and the wealth of free and low-cost tools at your disposal, you don’t need millions, or even hundreds of thousands, of people to create a successful online business. Instead, a loyal tribe of just a few thousand can keep you in sequins and tulle until the end of your days – if you can find them and inspire them.


He uses the example of the Grateful Dead, Starbucks, and CrossFit as strong tribes. And he presents tons of ideas for finding and leading your tribe, from being an example, sharing stories, creating a common goal, and more.


If you just want to sell “me too” products to a faceless crowd, skip “Tribes.” But if you have dreams of changing the world, “Tribes” is for you.

Seth Godin is the main inspiration for this blog; his core message – to do things differently from everyone else – has been my driving force for so long.

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I’ll stop here for now and will share more books you should be reading if you are serious about moving your online business to the next level.

How to Use Facebook to Promote Your Business

Without marketing there is a limit to how far your business can grow. The internet and social media has made it less expensive for you to get your business out there, right in front of those who need to see it. However, you need to know how to do it right. I have written about using Twitter to increase your sales and this guest post on Facebook will give you great tips on how to leverage that social networking site to benefit your business. - Sharon

How to Use Facebook to Promote Your Business

Today most businesses include Facebook promotion as one of their business marketing strategies. Every business should include Facebook in their marketing strategy as early as possible. It is very helpful to the people who are looking to expand their online business growth and this is one of the easiest ways to do so. Here are a few tips that will help you to use Facebook in order to promote your business:


Manage your profile: The first thing you need to look at when you think of promoting your business with Facebook is maintaining your profile. Make sure it gives off a professional look, you can even use privacy settings that determines who should see your posts, so that it will keep your profile even more professional.


Facebook page: You can use this page to brand your business, if you’re able to create a customised page for your business then it can give a more professional look to your business and can help you to share your business information; making you popular and allows you to stand out amongst your competitors. You can seek advice from the experts of the digital media agency to design a business logo, set a colour scheme and other business design related issues which makes it easier for people to find your page.


Groups: Add more friends; this is one of the excellent features of the Facebook that allows you to build a strong business relationship with a wide, new audience. Once you have created your business profile and fan page on Facebook you can join any number of Facebook groups that suit your tastes and that are closely related to your business; this will help your business go viral since there are many members who are already aware of these groups. This will also help to advertise your business link. You can even create your own group that well suits your business and add more members; these groups will help you to publish your business related articles.


Create an events page: Creating an events page is one of the best ways to sell your business products and services. You can do this by promoting an event effectively, some of the ways to do it is:

  • Have social buttons to share your event
  • Promote this event page on a Facebook fan page
  • Allow micro events for it
  • Encourage everyone to share them


Applications: There are many applications which will help your business to spread virally. Use Facebook ads to target your audience, you can post your business related information in the form of text; video, animated image, etc. make use of different Facebook applications in promoting your brand.


Kate Ford is Tech writer from the UK. Catch her @thetechlegend on Twitter




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