A List of my Favourite Marketing Blogs and Why I Read Them

Whenever you ask about getting more traffic to your site, you will be given a slew of different ‘tactics,’ ‘strategies,’ and ‘secret methods.’ One of those secret sources of traffic is blog commenting. The general advice is that you should go around posting comments on different blogs related to your niche. And it is good advice. Most of my blog traffic comes from the blogs I comment on. When it comes to getting traffic through blog commenting, I have a very basic strategy:

  • I only leave comments on posts that interest me;
  • I try to add value to the blogs when I leave a comment and
  • I only visit blogs that I really enjoy reading.

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There are a few blogs I visit almost every day because I do not just enjoy reading the posts but they actually add value to me on my journey as an online entrepreneur. They either teach, mentor or give useful information. These blogs below are the top blogs I visit; they are not all internet marketing blogs but you will learn new strategies and tips.

1. Problogger.net

This is a blog run by Darren Rowse, an Australian blogger. Just like the name, Darren is a Pro Blogger and is like the ultimate guru in blogging. If you are serious about being an authority blogger, you should closely follow this blog. It teaches about making money from blogging and there are some really great tips and strategies here. Although Darren does not blog as often as he used to (there are so many quality guest bloggers now), you will not fail to learn something new no matter how often you visit the blog. Some of his top posts are:

 How I Make Money From Blogs

Make Money FROM Your Blog – Direct Methods

How to Write Great Content


2. CopyBlogger.Com

This is a blog dedicated to copywriting and everything related. Copyblogger was founded by Brian Clark but a group of top professional bloggers also co-blog. The principal aim of this blog is to teach the fine art of online writing and I have been a huge beneficiary of the tips and techniques that Copyblogger crew teach. If you need to make your headlines better or you want to learn how to write engaging content, this is the blog to visit. As it happens, 155,000 subscribers agree with me ;)

Some favorite posts from Cobyblogger include:

10 Steps to Becoming a Better Writer

Is Commenting on Blogs a Smart Traffic Strategy?

How to Write an Article in 20 Minutes


3. Entrepreneurs-Journey.com

This is a blog I only recently discovered and it is owned by Yaro Starak, another Australian blogger; it has a variety of contributors and if you read the criteria for becoming a contributor, you know that what you read is pure solid gold. Like I’ve already mentioned, I have only just discovered the blog, a few months ago but in that time, I have learned so much and have implemented some of the tips on this blog already. The feel you get from reading this blog is that you are listening to real life people who have been where you are. There are no airs and you do not feel in any way patronized by the blog authors.

I have not dug into the archives of this blog yet, but from what I’ve read I think the following posts will appeal to you.

Use this Dot-Point Easy System to Write Your Killer 2012 Business Plan

A Reality Check About Who Really Owns Your Business and What You Can Do to Protect Yourself

7 Insights Every Blogger Should Know

The last one was only published today but it has a ton of great advice in it.


4. TiffanyDow.Com

This is the internet marketing blog of Tiffany Dow. I stumbled upon her by chance while I was browsing the Warrior Forum and went to sign up to her list. I loved her no-nonsense approach to marketing and felt she would make a great mentor. I was not wrong. She inspired me to actually take the leap and create this blog; and be more productive. The funny thing is that until very recently, she did not offer mentoring. But by blogging each day on her blog and sharing her personal experiences and struggles, she inspired so many.

I am not going to list her great posts here – she has so many! Just go to her blog and use the archive to see what she’s written thus far. She is so generous and shares a lot so you actually get to learn real quality stuff. Right now I’m taking her branding challenge, which is not open to the public because it is in beta mode. But if you subscribe to my list (right had corner at the top) you will get the introductory pdf to the challenge; it is very inspirational.


5. ChrisBrogan.com

I think I would term Chris Brogan a relationship blogger. I don’t know if that is how he would describe himself, but it is certainly how I would describe him. He teaches how you can make use of social media, blogging, social networking sites and other media to build relationships that last with your clients. He does not post every day but when the post does come out, it is worth waiting for.

Great posts of his include:

97 Ideas for Building a Valuable Platform

40 Ways to Deliver Killer Blog Content

My Best Advice About Personal Branding


6. Blogbarefoot.com

This is the blog of Carrie Wilkerson, The Barefoot Executive. I love this woman. I started reading her stuff in 2008 and have followed her since then. She started the Association of Work at Home Women though for some reason that site no longer exists. Nevertheless her blog is full of several nuggets. If you are seriously thinking of working from home (particularly online) you should follow this woman. She does not just give you tips you can use right now, she inspires you.

Carrie also blogs at CarrieWilkerson.com. Carrie has a lot of great posts and a huuuge following. Her videos though are the most inspiring and a really good one is “Your Why” which teaches you to discover your motive for being a work at home person to keep that motive in sight every time. Learn about her story in the video below.

So, those are my favourite blogs; where I usually hang out, read and comment. I get a huge lot of traffic from those blogs but I don’t comment on every blog post, not unless I it really touches me or I feel there is something important I can add to the post.

Now, I’m not saying you should make these blogs your favourite blogs or that you should subscribe. You will learn from them and they will add great value to your blogging and your business. However, there are so many other great internet marketing blogs where you can learn a lot of strategies and methods for growing your business. For a more detailed list, check here.

What blogs do you read and why do you read them?

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  1. I agree with your list. In fact, I am a regular subscriber of the first 3 sites.

    I might add yours to my favorite blogs.
    jeff recently posted..15 Best Business Lessons I LearnedMy Profile

    • Thank you Jeff…I am honoured that you’re even thinking of adding my blog to that great list. I visited yours and it is chuck full of wonderful resources. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  2. Thanks for your list. I (like Jeff) was already aware of the top 3 but not the others. I’ll be add those and yours to my RSS reader.

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