How to Make Sure Your Comments are Approved on Blogs

Get Your Blog Comments Approved“Post comments on blogs related to the niche you are in.” That is an advice we’ve all heard as business people who blog; if you haven’t heard it yet, you soon will. If you are looking for good quality traffic, one of the ways to get it is through blog comments; comment on other blogger’s posts. But how do you make sure that your comments get approved. In the land of post bots and blog spammers, it is easy for your comment to get mistaken for any of those. To make sure that your comments get approved each time you post, here are a few things you can do.


Read the Post

It sounds quite simple but it is amazing how many people fail to take the time to read the post on which they want to comment. How can you expect to leave an intelligent comment if you do not read the post in the first place? Most bloggers take comments like “great post, thanks!” as spam and treat it accordingly.

Add Value to the Post

ValueGive some value to the post through your comment. If it is a list or some tips, add your own tips. You have your own unique take on things, share it. All I’m saying is that you need to craft you comment in such a way that it gets the blog owner’s attention because it adds something extra to the overall post.

Let Your Personality Through

One horrible trend I have noticed about those who post comments is the tendency to use cookie-cutter comments on all blogs. So you visit blog A, B, and C and see Joe Blogger’s comments on all three blogs ‘Wow, so much to learn here. Thanks.’ There is nothing wrong with that line in itself, but taking that same line and pasting it in the comment’s section of several blogs is a way to make sure that your comment is NEVER approved. Blog owners read other blogs in their niche and they can easily spot those kind of comments.

Reach Out to the Blog Owner

So maybe you are doing all the above; you only comment on posts you have read and your comments are unique and valuable. But your comments still do not get approved. It happens. What you should do is reach out to the owner of the blog, particularly if the person blogs regularly. Some blog owners are on Twitter and they have Facebook fan pages. If they are active there, get in touch. I did that once when my comments were not getting approved by a blog owned by this woman I really admired and had followed for a really long time. I could have become upset and stopped visiting her blog. As a matter of fact, I did become upset. But I decided to get in touch with her via her Facebook page and Twitter (one more reason to get involved with Twitter). She went back to her blog and approved all my comments immediately.

Commenting on blogs is a great way to get high quality, human traffic. But if you go in there only to get traffic, you stand the risk of your comments not being approved. And even if they get approved, you will likely not get the traffic you are after, not with cookie-cutter comments and insincere praise.

As an extra tip, only comment on posts if they interest.  If the post does not interest you, move on.

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  1. Hi Sharon,
    I am a firm believer in the power of posting good comments at blogs. And the most easy way to ensure your comment getting approved is making it personalized. Dont leave it like a spam bot, ”reach out the blog owner” is a valid point.

    • You are so right. It is important to take make extra effort when leaving comments. Thank you for your comment; do come back soon.

  2. I am also agree with you that commenting on the blogs only to get traffic or a back link to the website is really worthless. Many of us now days give their comments in this purpose. But a valuable comment on the particular blog post brings good reputation to the commentator.

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