My Thoughts on Affiliate Marketing

I’ve always wondered how people can speak so well of products that they have absolutely no personal knowledge of. This bothered me a lot (it still does) and it is what kept me away from affiliate marketing for so long. I do some affiliate marketing now, but that is because of what I discovered.

Affiliate marketing is basically promoting another person’s product/service for a commission. The commission can range from 10 percent to 100 percent of the selling price of the product.

Affiliate marketing is a favorite of internet marketers because it is a great source of passive income. I italicized ‘passive’ because in truth, it is not really passive. Or, before you get to the stage, as an affiliate marketer, where your income becomes passive, you must have put in a lot of work; creating your strategy, building trust and your platform.

Why I got into affiliate marketing

I stumbled into affiliate marketing. I did not really plan to get involved with that aspect of marketing because I could not understand how some people promoted stuff they really were not totally sure of. I did not want to be that way. However, I read an eBook that really helped me in my time management.

I had 2 babies in the house (the older one was barely a toddler) and I was not really coping with my online business and my responsibilities on the home front. Reading that book, coupled with some solid advice from my mom, helped me beyond words. I was so excited, I knew I wanted to share that eBook with as many people as I could. Then I discovered I could actually earn a commission for doing that and that began my journey into affiliate marketing.

Right now I promote a hand full of products. EBooks, Reports, PLR article providers and physical products, all with relative success. I have a good revenue stream from promoting affiliate products. I was able to do that because I decided to do affiliate marketing my way.

What I discovered about affiliate marketing

ethical affiliate marketing

It’s simple really. I decided that I was not going to promote anything that I could not append my name to. If I did not believe in a product or service, I would not recommend it. Simple. To that end, I try as much as possible to first test out the product before I decide to recommend it. For the most part, I buy the product first then decide whether I am going to promote it or not.

There is a reason for this. It is not just because I care about my reputation and my integrity; those are really important to me by the way. But that’s not it. It is that I honestly value you. I know you spend time searching for the right product to help you grow your business. It was probably in searching that you ended up on this blog. You might have been scammed before, or paid several hundred Dollars for a product that did not live up to your expectations. I know I did.

I know how frustrating it is and I have no intention of contributing to that frustration. I discovered that I did not need to be unethical to make money on the internet. I want Purple & Spice to be the ultimate experience for anyone trying to build an online business and I’m aware that it starts with me.

What if you are an affiliate marketer?

So if you’ve shied away from affiliate marketing, don’t. I am aware that this path is not for everyone, but if there is a chance that you can be an affiliate marketer, don’t shy away from it. This is one income stream that is very compatible with your blog, regardless of your niche. It does not have to detract from what you are blogging about or your business model.

The only thing I’ll ask of you if you decide to become an affiliate marketer is that you be ethical about it. Don’t promote crap to your readers or your subscribers. Treat them with care and value them. You will still make money – probably more than those who choose to promote a hype.

In case you were wondering, the book that got me excited about affiliate marketing is the 15 Minute Marketer. Click the link to get yours, and yes, it is an affiliate link;).

Have you had issues with affiliate marketing? What do you absolutely hate about it? Share your view in the comments.



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  1. Great post! I cannot agree more with your comment regarding promoting a product from a point of strength. It makes the sales process so much easier if you believe in what you are selling.

    • You are quite right Neil. It is possible to sell without particularly believing in the product but it is much harder than if you do believe in what you are selling. Thanks for commenting.

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