How Do You Build Trust in Your Business

If you don’t have the trust of your clients, you won’t be in business very long.

You might have a great method for getting new clients but one secret accomplished business people know is that it is the returning clients that are the assets in any business. Clients only return when they trust you. Building client loyalty in the offline world is hard enough particularly as people seem wired to distrust generally. However, building trust online, from the relative anonymity of your computer seems almost impossible.

Building trust and client loyalty

I was browsing around the Warrior Forum this morning and saw this thread about building trust. The suggestions there were quite eye-opening. There are a lot of good ideas there for building trust. What I got from the suggestions is that if you want to build trust in your online business, you need to:

  1. Make honesty your motto. In other words, let your clients know what you can and can’t do; don’t make promises you can’t keep or recommend products you know will not help. (On this point, see my thoughts on affiliate marketing).
  2. Under promise and over-deliver. If you say you will do something, do it. But don’t just stop there…do much more than what you promised. There is nothing that can destroy trust as quickly as not keeping promises or missing deadlines.
  3. Never role-play or try to make yourself look good. People smell that a mile off. Be yourself, even if you are not 100% perfume and roses.
  4. Interact with your clients. You can do this by sending out email newsletters, replying to your blog comments, hanging out with them on forums and social media like Facebook and Twitter.
  5. Make use of videos. Of yourself I mean. If you’re not into this it’s okay. I’m camera-shy but I intend to remedy that this year. Yeah, you will be seeing my face real soon.

Generally, it’s about integrity and you can’t hide integrity trust me. It shines out like a lamp. On the flip side, you can’t hide a lack of integrity. You could try but it eventually comes out.

So how do you build trust in your business? Leave a comment.