Why Should I Build a List?

Why on earth should you build a subscriber base? Why should you even think about E-mail marketing?

This is a question many beginners ponder as they struggle to build their online businesses. Here are a few compelling reasons why you should seriously consider building a list, if you haven’t started yet.

E-mail marketing tips

  • E-mail marketing is one of the fastest and most effective ways to leverage on the Internet. Because all you do is compose an E-mail, customize it to suit the reader (their first name or last name), and click the broadcast button to reach thousands of people instantly!
  • E-mail marketing is highly scalable. Unlike an ‘offline’ business where the more customers you have, the busier you are, in E-mail marketing, it is much easier because regardless of the size of your mailing list, whether it is 100 or 10,000, all you need to do is click broadcast and everyone on the list gets notified – all for the same effort!


  • E-mail marketing is highly targeted. One of the reasons why E-mail marketing is highly effective at getting sales is because the recipient of the E-mail gets a kind of ‘in your face’ promotion. You are marketing directly to the customer through their PERSONAL mailbox. Not only will you grab their attention firmly, they will tend to respond with the right buyers mindset because they are marketed to directly (unlike other advertising where the buyer might not be in the frame of mind to buy things).


  • E-mail marketing is warm calling. Unlike cold calling where you are communicating with people who may or may not want to hear from you, with E-mail marketing, if you used double opt-in (which I recommend) you will be communicating with people who really want to hear what you have to say. In other words, they are already partly sold on you.


  • E-mail marketing is personal. Autoresponders allow you to customize the E-mail in such a way that it allows you to connect with the subscriber individually. The more personalized your E-mail, the better the result (treat it as though you are writing to your best friend).


  • You can automate many tasks with your autoresponder. For every new opt-in subscriber, you can time your E-mails for you build a relationship with every new opt-in subscriber – what to send to them, when to send it to them and the frequency between each E-mail.


  • E-mail marketing acts as a good pre-sell. You might not be able to cram a sales letter into your E-mail, but at least you can pre-sell your subscriber and lead them to your blog, sales letter or website to check out what you have to offer and set them in the right frame of mind before they evaluate what you have to offer.


  • E-mail marketing is effective for building relationships. Because your subscribers receive your E-mails in their inbox, it is easy for them to begin to see you as a friend and they start to trust you. But that will depend a lot on how you write your mails and how authentic you come across to them.

I shared a guest post here about email marketing and one of the suggestion the author raised for building your list was to offer a bait. This means offering a free report, EBook, guide…whatever, in exchange for their E-mail addresses,

One problem many beginners have is not knowing what to offer. There are many free resources on the internet including EBooks, reports, mp3 and others. A lot of these have giveaway rights or PLR or even Master Resell Rights (MRR).

The important thing is to look for what is a good fit for your blog audience and begin to build that list. If you’re not sure where to check, this is a great place to start. Not all the resources there have giveaway rights, but most do.

This will be over in a few weeks and I’ll hate to see you miss out on such an opportunity especially when it’s all FREE.

S0 here’s the link again. Let me know how it goes. – Free gifts and subscriber bait.

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